Why to buy spy pen for using hidden camera feature?

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Want to capture some clips without being caught and exposed, then you should buy spy pen. This is very remarkable pen for both writing and capturing images, these pens let you take high quality HD videos with single click. Such pen have capability to capture high resolutions images, this camera is fitted at one end.
Moreover camera uses resolutions about 1280X720 that is the high quality videos or images. This camera also has FPS about 30 and videos are captured in AVI format. Storing and sharing through this pen is very easy, there is micro SD card internally and they also give free expandable micro SD card of 8GB.

Apart from micro SD card, there is USB cable given with the package. USB cable is the common channel though which you can share your images and videos, through USB cable you can share you pictures and also organize the pictures or videos in your PC. This pen is designed to be compatible with every OS platforms, while connected to your PC; you can easily share pictures on various social sites.
Charge stays for very long time and standby time is long enough to get your video. Pen use date and time stamping techniques for storing images and videos, such method makes it easy for organizing all those data. This pen also can be used for writing; ink is very smooth and fluent. Using hidden camera is best features for this pen, moreover pen uses aluminum cartridge which completely stainless and ink is very fluent and changeable.
You can also change the cartridge; you can also get this pen for best video and image capturing. Pen uses such modern technique that prevents inks to get clogged or blocked; all systems are safe from leakage and ruptures. This spy camera with pen facility has made it completely hidden from capture. High quality camera with high resolutions about 1280X720 all are feature for this pen.
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