Why soft is not always good when it comes to baby crib mattresses?

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Don’t go out and buy the softest baby crib mattress you can get your hands on. Soft isn’t always good. You would have known that already. Think of that time you felt uncomfortable on a soft couch, as your body started to sink in. When a couch or bed is too soft, gravity slowly takes it effect, pulling you in deeper and deeper. Since your body is doing all the work to stay in position, you start to feel uncomfortable.
It is the same for the baby. Since it sleeps for almost 20 hours in a day, you want to give its little back support. It should be soft, no doubt, but with a little firmness. And also remember that your baby becomes heavier each day, even if it is by just a fraction of ounce. So, buying a soft mattress will mean that your baby will start to sink in more and more.
A good way to tell if your mattress is too soft is to see if the head sinks under the level of the back, when you lay the baby on the bed. It shouldn’t happen. It should be level with the body. Some mattress companies like Sealy, Colgate and Nature First have come out with dual sided mattresses, where one side is for the infancy stage, and the other side is for an advanced stage, when the baby is older than 6 months. Obviously, the side that is meant to support a baby more than 6 months old will be firmer than the infancy side, to support the extra weight of the baby’s body.
Some of the best baby mattresses are made out of foam or organic materials and will cost about $100. They can go up to $600. But please stay away from mattresses that cost $75 or less. click here for top rated crib mattress

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