Why does Jane Fonda look so good at her age

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There are very few people who look, feel and are as able as well as active as Jane Fonda. https://elitecelebsmag.com/jane-fonda-plastic-surgery/ is something that is talked about in all circles.

There are a number of celebrities who go under the knife and the results are not always what they expect or what the surgery should make them look like at all. The results very often are a disaster and some celebrities come out looking far worse than they did in the first place.

There are celebrities who undergo these procedures due to their lack of self-worth or their poor self-image. This is despite the fact that they have millions of fans who would die for their looks and to have the body that they possess. These celebrities that undergo plastic or cosmetic surgeries as a result of this end up not knowing where to stop and when to say enough. The resultant effect is that after the first or perhaps even the first two procedures, their looks are greatly enhanced but as they do not know when to stop, they continue going in for further procedures and end up looking far worse than they did earlier and / or even looking extremely unnatural as well.

Jane Fonda however has undergone several procedures but she has always come out looking much better and more attractive than when she went in for the first time. The reason is that she does these procedures not due to her lack of self-worth but rather due to wanting to look on the outside as good as she feels inside. This is the reason she insists on the doctors retaining some of her wrinkles. That results in a more natural appearance and one that is attractive as well as suited for a person her age rather than have a look which would make her look frozen.

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