Which Mac computer is the fastest?

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Are you wondering why is my mac so slow all of a sudden? Are you thinking of buying a new one? Which one is the fastest Mac out there? If you were to technically answer that question, it will have to be the Mac PRO. No, we are not talking about the MacBook Pro but the Mac PRO, the desktop version of the Mac.

Fully maxed out, a Mac PRO can set you back almost $10,000, more if you add on some accessories. But, even the entry level Mac PRO can give you some serious performance edge. A Mac PRO will contain at least 8 GB of RAM and at least an i5 processor meaning that even the basic configuration can give you pretty sizable performance. Since the latest Mac PRO designs come with an SSD, you get the advantages that come from flash storage as well. Quick read and access times means that your CPU spends less time finding files to make things work on your Mac, when you use your Sierra, run apps or do whatever it is that you do on your Mac.

When it comes to notebooks, the MacBook Pro is still the fastest of Mac notebooks. This is primarily because the MacBook Pro doesn’t have the design constraints of the super thin MacBook Air. Since the MacBook Pro is thicker, it can accommodate more RAM, a more expansive motherboard and also cooling vents that will allow for that higher performance to work under your Mac’s hood.

Buy a MacBook Air only if a very compact design is super important to you. The MacBook Air is a great computer with great looks, but the price you pay for it will get you a much higher performance PC with a bigger footprint and less impressive design.

But then, depending on what you need, a MacBook Air might be more than enough if you just use your Mac to return emails, browse the web and play the occasional simple game or two.

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