What is Appnana and how to start earning nanas

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Appnana is an app where you can earn points which are called nanas you get through download and using it. As you earn the points, you can able to exchange those for cash or any paid apps available in the app store. So say it as completely scam while people are trying it for beating the system and to use cheats. If you use the app correctly it is not scam.

How does it work
Download the App
Appnana app is there on any Android or iOS mobile device. You can download it easily from the app store. But in Apple products you have to visit the official website and download from there which is called Appnana sync.
Sign up and then enter code
Once you install this app, first sign in quickly. You have to enter your email, password and appnana code bot. You can use specific code for getting additional 2500 nana by joining.

Start downloading and use the app
Once you join, from that time you can make points or nanas, you have to download and use apps. There you can see lot of apps to download inside this app. You have to click on that and you get redirected to their app store. Then you download this app, open it and use for some time. After some time the earning will start showing in your account.
Exchange nanas for cash and prize
Once you earned the nanas, now you exchange it for any paid app, gift cards which can be used in stores like Amazon online and PayPal payments.
appnana bot app is getting good score in review and marked the app legit. You get paid as cash from PayPal account and other options are also there.

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