What are Vastu sastra and Vastu remedies?

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Vastu sastra and Vastu remedies are one of the oldest believe of ancient Indian culture for a healthy and prosperous living. The word Vastu comes from a Sanskrit word which means dwelling and sastra translate to teaching. These a said to be an ancient science of architecture which is purely based on science and takes in account layout , measurement , designs , geometrical space and much more to calculate theirs believes . It is a basic science towards and happy and prosperous homes and is believed extensively in Hindu culture and more of the Buddhist culture as well.
However, as life grows and becomes busier, we do not have the luxury to build a house according to Vastu all the time. Which might be due to lack of space, scope, or even lack of knowledge, As Vastu sastra works on the scientific principles of space, size, light, the flow of energy, etc., there are some Vastu products present to correct the Vastu defect as well.
Use of pyramids in Vastu sastra
As we already know that there is a significance of the particular shape of a pyramid in our ancient culture may it’s the ancient pyramids of Egypt or even our churches , masjids , temples, etc., are all basically different representations of pyramids as these shows the importance of these shape . these can be incorporated into our lives to .There are lots of pyramids available in the Vastu shop which can be used to regulate the flow of positive energy and even neutralize excessive flow of energy as well.
Use of the turtle in Vastu sastra
Tortoise is considered the sign of stability and is gifted with a long life. There are considered to bring in healthy and wealthy in the house. However, you should be careful while using a Vastu remedies are there is a specific way to use them like the tortoise should always be facing the East.

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