Various health benefits of Massage therapy

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It has been noted that today life has become very hectic and stressful. Massage therapy has become a necessity in daily life. Massage is a term used for pressing, rubbing, manipulating one’s skin, tendons, muscles, or ligaments. They can be light strokes to deep pressure. It is a complementary or alternative a medicines. It is recommended along with standard treatment for some of the medical conditions. There are some benefits of messaging.

Health benefits of massage therapy:
• A movement to a body: Now a day’s it has been seen that people are doing the desk job. They just sit in front of the computer for hours together. There posture stress. It means they get back pain, neck pain, or knee problems which are related to prolonged sitting. A good massage gives movement to our body. It improves blood circulation throughout the body.
• It improves sleep: A message therapy encourages restful sleep. It helps people who are not able to sleep otherwise. It promotes relaxation to patients who are under chemo or radiation therapy. It also helps infants sleep more and cry less.
• Boosts immunity: It was found from a study that getting a massage therapy done increases person’s white blood cells that help the body fights diseases. Hence it boosts the immune system.

• Reduces anxiety and depression: A good human touch can sometimes be relaxing and therapeutic. It is highly recommended for women with breast cancer who feel less depressed and angry. Patients who were initially feeling weak and sad now feel relaxed and happy thanks to a good massage therapy.
• Relief from headache: Tension may be a cause of a headache. A massage reduces the frequency and severity of headaches.
It is found that a good massage therapy removes all sorts of muscle and body pain. It is recommended to get it done on a regular basis. It has become a must in today’s stressful life.
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