Types of Harley Quinn Costume to look for

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Harley Quinn is an attractive character in the Batman series. She plays the love interest of the joker. Initially, she appeared in the Batman comics, but today she can also be seen on TV, on plays and the big screen. Any Harley Quinn Costume changes as per her character. From being just a lover, she has now turned to a full-time character. Now a day’s number of people is trying to portray her.

Types of Harley Quinn Costumes:
• Batman: This was her original character. It was her first appearance. It is the simplest and clean. It is sometimes very funny. Here you can use outfit made up of leather or velvet. It is one of the greatest of her outfits.
• Injustices: It’s a video game character this is a very bold outfield. It includes high heels boots, with hand gloves and an eye band. For safety, Harley Quinn costume wears four bands in the middle. This character requires learning gymnastic and cart wheeling skills. It changes costumes in each level. And we find weapons appearing from nowhere.
• Suicide square: It’s a standalone character. It has a pale skin with half black and half red hair. She is equipped with a slimmer and sleeker hammer. This outfit does not leave much to your imagination.

• Arkham Knight: This is the best outfit that Harley Quinn has ever worn. Here she wears a tutu. She is equipped with a baseball. It is a Harley Quinn costume that has tights and boots look. This outfit brings a lighter nature to the game.
• Joker: Joker was one of the best looks. It has a bold joker outfit. In one scene you can see her hair into a knot. In another part, she also puts a mask.
These were some of Harley Quinn costumes. You can choose any of them as per the character you play. To play here is the very interesting thing.

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