Truvada Australia: How to Start HIV Treatment?

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HIV that is human immunodeficiency virus makes the immune system weaker. This is the main job of this virus, and so when someone affects with HIV, they started having another disease too as the body losses the energy to fight against any disease. Though there are no solid treatments of HIV but drugs like truvada Australia helps to regain the immunity system as well as stops the HIV virus and tries to cure the damages. Before starting any treatment, it is important to recognize the disease as well as the symptoms.

• The symptoms of HIV:
The symptoms of HIV are seen if the virus is recently infected. The symptoms are like a long fever for over a month, headache that doesn’t cure after medication, tiredness or weakness, etc. most of the time these symptoms are misunderstood as a viral infection. Along with this, there are some more symptoms shown in severe HIV infected person such as rapid weight loss, frequent fever, etc. these symptoms are not seen for at least ten years from the time the virus entered into the body. In newborn, it shows after two years of their birth.
• Tenofovir: treating HIV:
The point someone diagnosed and got to know its HIV the soon the doctor should start the treatment. Though there are no exact drugs to stop or to cure HIV of theroute if the disease came in front at the initial stage and treated as so, with antivirus like truvada, then the life can be saved. There are such therapy and medicines, which can slower down the virus’ growth into the body. And once anyone starts taking the medicines it is to be remembered that they should maintain a continuation for sure, there should be adherence in taking these medicines.
• Eat right:
Along with continuingtruvada and therapy, an HIV should also eat healthy food. It is important to take adequate amount of fluid, lean protein food, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain, etc. they should lower the sugar and salt intake as they can occur heart disease. And whenever feel any health problem talk to your HIV physician or consultant.

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