The Best Ideas for Getting Likes on Instagram

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Having a whopping 500 million monthly active consumers, there is no denying that Instagram is a social networking popular. While this number continues to skyrocket, manufacturers and businesses are realizing the need for an Instagram existence.
Most of us like to see the telling, “_____ liked your photograph,” on our smartphone displays, along with these multiplying likes. On the other hand, the quality instagram likes do not always come easy. Just like any social networking platform, manufacturers and businesses must make an Instagram plan for achievement, to market audience engagement.

Therefore, what’s the perfect way to get that Instagram “such as”? Keep reading to find out how to get users to double-tap.
4 Ways to Gain Instagram Likes
Instagram accounts using a constant theme are important in establishing brand identity and keeping (and profiting) faithful followers. Folks love consistency, therefore presenting them with anything that is out of the normal might only give you one fewer follower and, subsequently, one fewer similar to.
Pick a theme that is consistent, but allows enough flexibility to never come off as insistent. For instance, GoPro does a great job with their subject of experience — from scuba diving to crowd surfing, their cohesive feed exhibits many different bold actions taken on by many GoPro users.
Want guidance in thinking up your own Instagram profile theme? Just ask yourself this question: “How do I want people to feel if they look at my Instagram feed?” The solution should link to your overall brand identity.
As a component of your plan, keep in mind that a constant theme has to come with a regular posting program. Erratic posting patterns will induce once-loyal followers off.
Utilize “Insta-worthy” Visuals
It is a question we have all asked our family members, our friends and ourselves: “Is this Insta-worthy sufficient to post?” A photo worth posting on Instagram is bright, vibrant, crisp and clear. Following is a surprising master tip: Studies demonstrate that photographs with no filters get the maximum engagement!
Next time you are going to snap a photo, keep these Additional stats in your mind and you’ll get an extremely like-able photograph:
• Photographs with trendy tones, like grey, green and blue, get around 24-percent more likes.
• Photographs with faces increase empathy, and get 35-percent more quality instagram likes. It is the human factor we have observed in Starbucks’ social networking strategy; folks love visiting their fellow people!
• Additionally, let’s not forget about the number of likes photographs of our furry friends could get us.

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