Subway Surfers Cheats: Know All the Hacks and Cheats

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The subway surfer is a never ending running game so it may seem boring to you after some time of playing this. You have to collect those power-ups and daily challenges to get the new characters and next level. You can buy characters or boards or keys with real money if you want. But there are some really excited subway surfers cheats that will let you unlock any characters or getting any hovers board too without spending any money. Here are the simple cheats you must know-

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Subway surfers cheats file:
There are some subway surfers cheat APK files available on the internet. These files let you get subway surfers unlimited keys and coins. You just have to download and install the file into your device, and that’s all. By installing them you will get unlimited coins, you will able to get the double coin power-up, and you will get a billion keys to unlock any character or to buy anything from the shop.
Unlocking new characters:
If you don’t download any cheat file then here are some subway surfers hack which will help the same. To unlock any character in the game, you need to have that amount of key and coins or else real money. But the hack is to hold the side character of the character you want and then slide to the next character you want and then click select. You will get your desired character in this easy process.

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Unlocking boards:
The hovers boards play an important role in the game. But you need so many coins to unlock them. But here are one of the subway surfers cheats you can follow to get the Miami special board. Go to your device setting change the date to ‘may 30, 2013’. And then when you will open the game you will see that the Miami board has been unlocked. This trick works with every character.

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