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By the word computer repair, we quickly understand that it is related to the repairing of a computer system including both hardware and software; the computer technician repairs the problem of the computer. There are many problems occur in the system of equipment, the technician detects what kind of error or problem occurs whether it is related to hardware or software, the technician repairs the system of equipment through which the computer works smoothly and efficiently.

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The technician has the variety of problem regarding computer repair, in the computer system the various type of problem or error occurs like a problem related to hardware or software.
The computer repair technician verifies and identifies the problem and repairs according to the system requirement. The technician should be a well certified and experienced and have skills and knowledge to repair system; he should be welled trained and having full knowledge of repairing computer system.
The technician also helps in updating the computer system and data stored in the computer; the computer technician can work in a wide range including both public and private sectors.
The computers play an important role in every field, though the more use of computer also occur problems and to solve or sort out this problem the technician plays an important role in repairing the system, some technicians are working self-employed or employed in a company or firm that facilitates their services to the users, this technician are professionally welled trained and experienced that they repair frequently and effective.

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The computer repair technician mainly repairs computer related with hardware or software problem, hardware problem is related to any kind of damage or problem occurs in the hardware of computer including input and output devices while software problem is related to internal software or operating system of the computer, the technician helps to protects the data stored in that and repairs the software through installing or reinstalling and various techniques to repair the software.

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