Meditation relieves the mind and gives relief

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The present time requires people to be on their toes in order to keep them up to the marks forkeeping competitive in the market where the food and living resources are quite scarce. The scarceresources have to be distributed among men who have unlimited or endless wants related to thesupport to their life style in order to gain an upper hand in the society and earn enough to survive.

Applying the implications of a perfect and efficient market over the survival competition in themarkets, it can be safely concluded that humans have no advantage as to from where they can get afree lunch. As far as an advantageous situation arises, they tend to make use of the same at theearliest in order to gain first mover advantage, but that too implies human needs to be efficientenough to be able to receive information regarding the advantageous situations.
Thus, for being efficient, it is required that humans shall be ready at any moment to claim advantageof the beneficial environment, but that also means human shall have enough energy to keep themactively alive throughout the course of the day. Energy is synthesized inside the body with the helpof off work hours where relaxation of mind is pre-requisite. Thus, meditation helps people to livepeacefully far away from the chaotic life. But as far as the meditation is concerned, the dynamically scheduled people like to have meditation for sleep in the form of bedtime meditation andguided meditation that can help the learners have sound hours of sleep and undertake the processof energy cells synthesis. Thus, those helping hours of sleep with guided meditation bring out thebest out of the human soul and help them perform better the next moment when they undertake a serious act to prove their own mettle.

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