List of products sold by Atmel Corporation

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Atmel Corporation is the global leader in manufacturing and designing microcontrollers, advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, and capacitive solution components. They offer complete system solution to the electronic industry. Today microcontrollers are used everywhere. Many people are calling it as the new era of the internet. It is highly intelligent and helps to connect all devices. This company has developed an innovative technology that helps machine to machine (M2M) communication possible. Their main motivation is to provide satisfaction to consumers. There are providing their services through the means of the internet also. So consumers can collect all required information from the official site of Atmel.

List of products offered by Atmel
Atmel main revenue is generated from the sale of microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are made up of AVR, microprocessor, and it also has ARM flash in it. They still produce the microcontrollers that have 8051 architecture in it. It helps to support the environment of the microcontroller.
They provide it that is the internet of things along with this they offer dual band Wi- Fi chips. Atmel also sells Zigbit module that comes up with FCC certification. These chips provide the highest frequency to the users. They offer the line of IR controllers that help to support RF wireless.
They modify many of the products for the automotive market. As these products often have wider temperature range and are specialized applications in it. The automotive applications are mostly used in car touch control, CAN, VAN, and radio networking it helps in battery management.
Smart energy
Atmel has specialized chips which have a smart metering market and smart energy in it. These chips are combining with a microprocessor with hardware security and have power line modems communication. These all parts have analog front ends installed in it. This company sells the best products to their clients.
All these are sold by Atmel Company to the consumers.

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