Json Whois: Features and Advantages of Json Whois APIs

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There are various apiavailable in the market but none provide the level of advantages and features which are provided by jsonwhois. They provide best in class whois api which adapts according to the changing software of the servers in order to provide a consistent performance by maintaining very standard response time. You can test their whois api as they take two hundred and fifty requests every month for free. There is no boundation of any long term contract whatsoever.

Features of Json Whois Api
The major feature of this api is as follows: –
• Customer service- it provides you rapid answers to your questions. You can contact them on a 24/7 basis. You just have to fill up a form requiring the details like your name, email address and phone number and their representatives will get in touch with you.
• Rate limits- there is no minimum rate limit in jsonwhois. This will enable you to pay according to what you use and not be forced to pay according to minimum usage limits which are generally set high to make the customers pay more.
• Pricing – pricing is strictly set according to usage and not on the basis of minimum usage limit. This helps the customer to save their money. However, there are offers for high usage limit in order to attract customers to use more.

The most important advantages of using this api are: –
• Updated and dependable- this api updates whois data on a regular basis and presents it in Json format. It is continuously developed so that it can meet the dynamic demand of the present time.
• Easy implementation – this api is very easy to implement without much complexity. In order to avail any services, you just have to send HTTP GET request to the servers with no other requirement to get started.
These are the features and advantages which make json whois the best APIs to be used. The pricing is affordable and it provides security through building tools to secure your application as well.

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