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Payday loans or cash advance loans as they are popularly known are short term financial solutions which one resorts to in case of shortage of cash a week before the salary day. These loans are definitely helpful in bailing one out of the financial difficulties but prior to availing them there are certain aspects which the loan seeker must be aware of in order to derive the maximum benefits.

Every loan is subject to an upper limit and the payday loans are no exceptions in this regard. It is a usual trend for the lenders to stop just short of lending the maximum possible and most lenders do not have a problem offering a second loan or even a number of subsequent loans after the first loan has been paid on time. In case of failure to pay back on time, the lender needs to be informed 48 hours in advance and in most cases levies an extra fee for the extension granted.

Like all types of loans, the Same Day payday loans have their respective advantages and disadvantages. While many consider the speedy availability of cash as being the foremost advantage of this type of loan, other advantages in form of lack of collateral and non-insistence of a credit record make this package an attractive option. On the flip side, it is the risky nature of this loan and its short duration which justifies the higher rate of interest not to mention the additional fees which are charged in case the borrower is unable to repay it within the due date.

Payday Loans Online are an excellent option for people who suffer from poor credit and therefore have very few sources of assistance available to them. However, it is the amount which one needs to be judicious about in order to maintain the affordability of the loan.
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