Impressive Celebrity Net Worth of David Copperfield

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The celebrity net worth of famous celebrities like adesigner, actor, actress, sports personality, rapper, musician, and apolitician can be obtained easily online. The web pages besides providing information on thenet worth of the celebrity also provide their, biography, and estimates of their salary.Among the list of top richest celebrities include George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jami Gertz, Paul McCartney, J K Rowling, David Copperfield and many others.

Achievements of David Copperfield
The net worth of a celebrity is calculated by application of a proprietary algorithm. The proprietary algorithm is based on information obtained from public and using financial analysts to evaluate the results. An American Illusionist David Copperfield born on September 16th in the year 1956 in New Jersey is well-known by the stage name Boy Davino.He was the youngest individual to get admission in the Society of American Magicians.
• At the age of 16 he started teaching at New York University a new course in magic, and at the age of 19, he headlined Pagoda Hotel in Hawaii.
• Many years he performed various magic tricks and even performed on television. His incredible magical feats include making the Statue of liberty disappear as well as walking through the Great Wall of China.
• He has been a recipient of nearly 21 Emmy Awards and has also been named as the Magician of the Millennium.
• The net worth of this celebrity is about $900 million, and he ranks 8th in the list of richest celebrities.

Imperative Information
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