How to professionally destroy documents in Hong Kong?

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As any business owner would know, not all business documents need to be kept in permanent storage. In fact, there are some sensitive documents like research reports or confidential payroll discussions that need to be destroyed permanently.
There are two ways to go about document destruction. The easy way is to destroy documents yourself, using an office shredder. Another is to simply burn them. While these are both effective methods if done right, the fact of the matter is that most amateur document destruction is carried out in a very poor manner. When carried out in a poor manner, documents are not completely destroyed and can be read by unethical people who might want to get some information about the company.
The other recommended way to destroy documents is to use a professional document destruction company. A professional document destruction company will also usually offer professional storage facilities. It is recommended that you use both facilities.
When you hire a professional records storage Hong Kong Company like Hong Kong storage to carry out your document destruction, they will come pick up your documents. Then, they will give you a receipt for the collection of documents and will then count the number of documents. The documents will then be destroyed.
The destruction process will be captured with video or photographs or both and you will be given a copy of the destruction video for proof. This proof will make it easier for you to prove that you destroyed those documents, should someone come seeking those documents for whatever reason.
Once the destruction is complete, the document storage company will give you a certificate of destruction. This can be used as additional proof on top of the video to let whoever know that you have destroyed those particular documents.
Such document destruction can also be scheduled if you wish.

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