How to make kopi luwak?

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Those people how are coffee lovers they drink all coffee but some person know about kopi luwak coffee or some of who know about this coffee but they don’t know how to made it with all full of flavours. Everyone know that making a delicious and frothy coffee is an art. Here in this article you know about how to make kopi luwak coffee with all correct steps. So stay tuned.

Rules to prepare kopi luwak coffee
Those people who (buy kopi luwak) buy luwak coffee > coffee first thing they should keep in mind that you need to buy from good shop. Don’t store the beans in refrigerator or freezer because when you brew the coffee of refrigerator than it changes taste and less aromatic. So store the coffee bean inside tight container.
Use mineral water : For making this coffee you need to use mineral water or bottled water instead of tap water to enhance their taste.
Grind coffee according to coffee maker : If you want a perfect kopi luwak coffee than then you need to grind it properly. If you have a drip coffee maker than grind your beans in crous sand form but if you have expresso then you need fine powder of coffee. So keep in mind which coffee maker you have.
Brew coffee on correct temperature : Most of people don’t know the ideal temperature of coffee if you brew the coffee on ideal temperature then you get a fine coffee, so ideal temperature of coffee is 95-98 C (203 – 208 F).Using wrong temperature it will make your coffee acidic.
Don’t add any other ingredients : if you brew this coffee than drink it as it is don’t add anything else. If you add any type of milk, sugar, cream then you don’t taste the different flavours of regular coffee. So drink it as it is.

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