Getting help every now and then is good

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Don’t hesitate to ask for help
The only person who can help you is yourself; a popular saying that time and again proves itself to be true and has stood the test of time. There will be friends and family and loved ones you can call your own and you can share your time and your secrets with. These may be people we trust and actually people who are trustworthy and loving and who can provide you with the help and support that you are looking for.

However, despite of all this and despite of people who might actually be genuine friends and who you can count on, in the end the only real person who can help you if you are in a predicament is yourself. People might be there to give you a helping hand and love and support you need but it is your task to grab hold of that hand pull yourself up. These heavy philosophical ideals apply to everything and are not limited to the worlds of philosophical discussions alone. In the real world, no matter how confident we are and how good we actually are in doing something, there is a time that we need help from someone or the other for some particular task. There is always a situation that comes up every now and then wherein we might require some bit of information or some sort of support that we simply can’t come up with ourselves. It is always ok to give in every now and then give yourself a rest and take help from someone in order to improve yourselves in whatever predicament we happen to find ourselves in.

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