Fussball: what are the laws of this game?

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With the increasing trend of games, people are getting more attracted towards them. Not only the adults even the kids are getting influenced. The craze of playing these outdoor games has touched its highest peak. By playing these games, individuals not only remain fit but also develop a spirit of winning. Among all the other games, fussball (Soccer) is the one, which gains popularity worldwide. It is regarded as the national sport of Brazil. And its rules for playing were coded in England by football association.

What are different laws regarding this game?
• Players, equipment, and officials: – each team should have an equal number of players that is 11, and one of them should be a goal keeper. And he is only one who is allowed to play with his hands. The kit should consist of a shirt, socks, footwear, shorts and necessary skin guards. The sport is officiated by a referee, who has to provide guidelines from the laws framed by the association.
• Ball: – the ball should be spherical with a circumference of 68 and 70 centimeters and weights which should be up to 410 to 450 grams.
• Pitch: – the length of the international field ranges between 100-110m and width between 64-75m. And non- international fields can be of 90-120m in length and 45-90 in diameter. The field should not build a shape of a square. The shorter boundary lines are called goal lines which are present on the sides of both the teams. Through these goals lines only, players can take their strike and earn points.

• Duration and tie breaking: – the standard timing for a football game is set for 90 minutes and divided into two halves of 45 minutes. The time runs continuously and doesn’t stop if mistakenly the ball is out of play. Sometimes the games result into a draw situation, so to declare the winner, the team will be allotted extra time and provide with the options of penalties.
fussball news provide us with these laws which needs to be considered before playing.

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