Do you know what Is Lyrica?

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Pregabalin is an FDA-approved medicinal treatment for fibromyalgia. Well, fibromyalgia is a constant disease that leads to lasting prevalent muscle pain, overwhelming tiredness, trouble sleeping, and tenderness. Do not think Lyrica as an antidepressant. Instead, it is a medicine that aims nerve signals. Lyrica Pregabalin has been prescribed by the doctors to ease nerve pain in people with diabetic neuropathy and shingles. Also, this medicine is prescribed for the treatment of partial seizures.

The advantages of Lyrica
Lyrica is very effective to ease pain, improve sleep, as well as assist people with fibromyalgia. According to some researches, a few people reported ease in pain after consuming Lyrica just for one week. But, Lyrica may not assist everybody with fibromyalgia.
Things to consider Before taking Lyrica
It is important to ensure that your doctor is aware of all the other medicines you’re taking. This consists of supplements, herbs, and over-the-counter drugs. Some prescribed medications mat counteract with Lyrica and may cause risky side effects. Such medicines consist of –
• Sleep pills make you fall asleep, and Lyrica Pregabalin can lead to sleepiness. The combination of both the medicines can be harmful.
• Narcotic pain pills (like oxycodone), tranquilizers, anxiety pills (like lorazepam) mixing these medicines with Lyrica boosts your possibilities of sleepiness and dizziness.
• Diabetes medicines rosiglitazone (Avandia) or pioglitazone (Actos); if you consume these medicines in combination with Lyrica, then you may have an increased risk for weight gain or swelling.
• ACE inhibitorswhich are BPmedicines; if combined with Lyrica boost the possibility for hives and swelling.
• Avoid taking alcohol when taking Lyrica Pregabalin. Doing the same can boost the side effects of Lyrica and make you seriously sleepy.
Inform your doctor if you are experiencing some other severe health conditions, like –
1. Kidney problems
2. Heart problems
3. Low platelet counts or Bleeding disorders

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