Coffee beans: Journey from Latin America, Africa, Asia to Bangkok and Thailand

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The journey of beans of coffee is started from Latin America, Africa to Thailand and Bangkok is very extensive. The soil in these countries supports growth of these Coffee beans. The soil contains nutrients that are very enriching for the growth of beans. The necessary environment for the growth of these plants is very rare and thus is exported from these corners of world.

This coffee cultivation contributes a large sum of money for the GDP of undeveloped countries like Africa and Asia. In fact, Bangkok and Thailand government pay a lump some cash for the import of these roasted coffee beans. A variety of coffee drinks are been invented in the Bangkok and Thailand for the drinking craze among people. People are very addictive when comes to drinking coffee.
Every Thailand and Bangkok people start their day with a cup of กาแฟ สด (fresh coffee). In fact, a lot of rehabilitation is purposely opened to protect people who are addicted to these drinks. Beans of coffee is somehow now became a tradition among a huge number of population. People have created bars to drink fresh coffee beans. People even mix new flavors to enhance the tastes of coffee. A lot of experimentation has been done over beans of coffee and new products are launched all over the world.

Arabica coffee is the invention of the Thai people and now it’s been exported throughout the world. Its sale rate has now drastically increased over the period and people are craving with new and better demand. Bangkok is both the hub of import and export of beans of coffee and people are literally dying to increase their productivity. Coffee is no longer a choice of drink, it is an addiction that every person of these countries carry to both fulfill their addiction and desires.

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