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Buying a toothbrush was never as difficult as it is today. The reason behind this difficulty is the availability of so many of the brands these days. Too many choices just make it an overwhelming experience to choose one toothbrush. However, if you divide the whole process into categories you can easily select the best electric toothbrush.

Manual toothbrush
First of all, you must decide on the type of toothbrush that you want. There are two types of toothbrushes- manual and electric. The manual toothbrush is the regular toothbrush that you have been using all your life. This toothbrush needs you to scrub your teeth in a particular way by moving the brush over your teeth with your hand. This brush has been use since the time brush was first made. But, the problem with this brush is that it is technique sensitive, if the brushing technique is not good your teeth may not get cleaned properly. This is why the electric toothbrushes are becoming popular.
Electric toothbrush
The second type of toothbrush that is electric toothbrush is designed to be useful for all types of people. Whether or not you are proficient with the brushing technique you can easily clean your teeth with this toothbrush. This toothbrush has been shown to remove plaque better and give you whiter teeth. This has become possible because of the motorized movement of the head. The movement of the head can be of three types
• Vibration
• Oscillation
• Rotation
Whichever type you choose from the three of the types, you will get a good oral hygiene without much hassle. The bristles of the electric toothbrush for braces should be designed to remove plaque and massage your gums for better blood flow. This strengthens the supporting structures of the tooth such as gums and underlying bone.

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