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Richest celebrities are the people who achieve fame and major public attention. People who have gain great success the field of sports or entertainment are commonly inked to be the celebrities. Lifestyle, media attention, wealth, connections, rumors, etc. play an important role in their celebrity status.

Celebrity status is majorly associated with the celebrity net worth. Their wealth and fortune determine the richness.
Different way of becoming a celebrity
According to richest celebrity wiki, people can become a celebrity by different mean like, media attention, profession, performance, public acceptance, or sometime are an accident or break. You might have seen people become famous over the night; this is referred as an instant celebrity. In really short time people become famous. Social media helps to evolve these instant celebrities. Now a day’s platform likes YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, etc. boost the talent and bring them directly to the public. Their performance becomes viral over the night, and they become celebrities.

Factors associated with celebrity status
• Struggle or Difficulty:
A small number of sports professionals or entertainers able to survive in the industry, but the majority of them achieve their career with struggle, hard work, rejections, determination, passion, dream, retries, no give up attitude. For them also earnings are less in the beginning, but as their talent showcased and accepted by the public, they achieve stardom and fame. Sometimes people with frequent failure opt for the second job. Mentoring and guidance is one important key to your success.

• Success or Fame:
Life is definitely not certain, and there is also no guarantee of success to become a celebrity as well. There are many successful people in the world, but all of them are not celebrities. Richest celebrities’ wikiexplains that people from the certain field happen to be a celebrity. These fields are sports and entertainment.

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