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Free Automap
When you are working in the professional world it is important that you chose the legal programs for your computer. If you are using the pirated and illegal version of the office or nay other program, then you can get fined and also your reputation can get at stake. It is always preferable to use the free software. The best thing and strange thing is that most of the people are not ware is that each and every software programs has the legal and free counterpart of it. You can easily get them at dobre programy (Good programs).

The car navigation program which is commonly used by the people and heard by people is the free Automap and it is considered as the leading solution for all. But the reality is that it has the many other interesting and fully free alternative and professional as well. Yanosik is the free and revolutionary navigation app which is also having the radar detectors in it. The best part is that both of them you can get in one thing and that also without any issues. Another such application includes waze at dobre programy. It is also one of the largest and best social navigation applications which can inform you about the traffic jams. So now you don’t need to use the pirated as well as the chargeable products for getting traffic details.

Google maps
The Google maps are the best alternative for it. They are developed from the Google and they have a high level and thus they are recommended. The baste things is that you can download it free of cost from dobre programy. It can be easily download for free. Here we go is also the application which is the best alternative of the Google maps and it is also free. The list of the programs and the free counterparts keeps on increasing and expanding and thus you should visit dobre programy frequently to stay updated.

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