11. The parts of E-cigarette

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The electronic cigarette though better than the traditional cigarette is not catching up that much because of the complexity of handling it. The newer users are not aware of the parts that go in making an e-cigarette. The parts of an e-cigarette are:
1. Battery
The battery is one of the most essential parts of an e-cigarette because ethics gives power of operation to the e-cigarette. The vaporisation of the liquid is going to take place if you have a battery in good condition. It is better to go in for the ego connection. This will allow you to use any other parts in the e-cigarette.

2. Clearomizer: Tue clearomizer is the tank in which the liquid is filled for use. This tank can be bought in different colors and sizes. The cost will also change according to the size though. The main work of this part is to store the liquid but if is not of good quality it will not give out good amount of steam. These can come with the coil on top or bottom. The heavy smokers must opt for the bottom coil type clearomizers.

3. Atomizer: the atomizer is actually a coil that gets heated up to give out vapors. The vapors are produced according to the type of coil system you have. It is to great importance that the right kind of atomizer be used with a certain type clearomizer.

4. E- liquid: the liquid that is used to produce vapors is called the e-liquid. This liquid in itself is not additive and it comes in different flavors and nicotine that may be added in different concentrations. There are all in all 50 flavors of e-liquid present and you can choose one or multiple kinds. But you must make sure that you should have different clearomizer for different flavors. It is not a good idea to mix the flavors.

Elektronische sigaret is the new way of living and is an amazing way to get pleasure out of smoking without having to worry about the side effects as such.
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